1.Why do people choose composite marble rather than solid marble?
Construction cost comparison between composite marble and natural marble: based on a 1000 m2 hotel project, using composite marble instead of solid marble will help to save your following construction costs at $300 per square meter.
1). Cost of wall and steel joist
2). Paving cost of wall and floor
3). Transportation cost
4). Breakage rate
5). Construction time
2.How about the quality of CASVINO products?
Raw material and production processing skills are the most important factors in determining the product quality. All the raw materials for CASVINO products are individually selected and evaluated from stone quarries in Italy,Turkey,Spain,Greece etc. by our boss and stone masters,which ensure our Grade A material quality.Since 1990, we have focused on marble research and development and adhere to the “luxury fitness doctrine”design philosophy.We also have a lot of advanced facilities in our factory.And we are praised by numerous customers and enjoy a good reputation by creating our own brand at home and abroad.
3.How about the resistance to staining of CASVINO products?
Through automatic protection process, our CASVINO composite?marble have strong stain-resistance; the special design of the composite marble’s bottom makes it have the effective functions of water-proof, anti-alkali and reverse osmosis, and greatly improves the life of the composite marble.
4.What are the characteristics of CASVINO products ?
1).Top quality materials assurance:CASVINO selects the best blocks directly from Turkey, Greece, Spain,Italy as well as China.
2).Unique rare beauty:Through composting natural marble with porcelain, CASVINO tiles reserve the marble's natural veins and?unique beauty.
3).Standard sizes & fast delivery: The standard size design of our products (300*300,600*300,600*600,400*400,400*800,800*800,600*1200)makes the project schedules simple and easy and make the designers to design easily. Stock is available and it will shorten the lead time.
4).Performance improvement:Great improvement of product strength, not so fragile or easy to be broken.
5).Stain-resistance and water-proof:Through automatic protection process and the cross texture design of the ceramic bottom,? our tiles have strong stain-resistance and are treated by waterproof.
6).Color consistency: Through laminated process, 1 m2 marble can be splited into at least 3M2. It is much easier to keep the consistency in veins and colors.
7).Less construction cost: With less weight, it saves time for workers to carry and install and it helps you to cut down the working costs.
8).Lower transport cost: one container can load 750-800M2.The average cost will be greatly decreased.
9).Project Ability:With Zingy Group's powerful production capacity and project ability, CASVINO can meet full needs for interior and exterior decoration of the entire project.
10).Strong service team and designer Group: We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market.
5.What kinds of marble can be processed into antique finish?
Most of the CASVINO products can be processed into antique finish.
6.Why does the price for the same marble in different shapes vary so much ?
The price for the same marble will be varied according to marble purity and impurity content. Owing to different processing , different designs and different marble block quality, all lead to different price .
7.Will it be any color difference after tiling your CASVINO products?
Yes,it will be a bit but not much.Marble is a natural product. There is no 100% same piece of marble in the world and the color and texture for every piece are varied naturally ,even though they are from the same block or quarry. The unique texture and color are the key value of the marble as it has better decoration effect. When packing in our factory ,our workers will lay out all the tiles on the floor to do the color separation job and label the color marks on each carton,which greatly helps to avoid big color variety. We suggest to inspect and lay out our products on the floor to match again before tiling in order to reduce the color difference.
8.Will your CASVINO products appear anti-infiltration phenomenon ?
The anti-infiltration phenomenon of compound marble usually will not happen in our composite products. Our CASVINO tile is consisted of three parts, that is: 5mm natural marble + Aviation epoxy glue + cross-designed porcelain. First, the five sides of our CASVINO products Will be done with waterproof treatment. Second, our Aviation epoxy glue is reinforced waterproof glue . Third, porcelain is highly vitrifiable with crossed texture design which is sturdy and waterproof.
9.Why is composite marble more expensive than solid marble ?
Although the usage on raw material of composite marble is less than the same volume of natural marble,the physical properties of composite marble is higher than natural marble. Our CASVINO products are the updated version of solid marble.